Submit a Book Proposal

When submitting a book proposal (download a proposal form here), please ensure that the proposal addresses the following:

1) Originality of research

It should be clear that the book disseminates original research and new developments within the specific discipline. Declaration must be made to the fact that no part of the work was plagiarised or published elsewhere. 

2) Working title

This may change when the book project is completed.

3) Copyright clearance for images, illustrations and figures

If you will be using images, illustrations or figures in your book, are the rights to these held by you? If not, indicate that you have obtained rights clearances to use these for open access publication.

4) A brief synopsis of the book

The synopsis should cover critical elements of the book. It should not be more than 300 words in length; it has to be succinct.

5) Proposed table of contents

6) Chapter breakdown

Create a list of chapters with a few sentences describing what you will cover in each.

7) Sample chapter 

 Provide more detail for one of your chapters.

8) About the author/biography

This should explain who you are and more importantly what qualifies you to write this book. This section should list any relevant articles or books you’ve already published. The biography must not be more than 500 words.

9) Platform/audience

 Share who your target audience will be, noting that this will be published as an open access book with an appropriate Creative Commons license.

10) Preliminary schedule

How long after signing the contract would you need to deliver the final manuscript and, if applicable, all of the images?