Fighting poverty: Labour markets and inequality in South Africa


Haroon Bhorat, University of Cape Town; Murray Leibbrandt, University of Cape Town; Muzi Maziya; Servaas van der Berg, University of Stellenbosch; Ingrid Woolard, University of Stellenbosch


Unquestionably, poverty and inequality are among the major challenges that face South Africa today. In this well-researched, comprehensive volume, the authors:

• use new techniques to measure and analyse household inequality and poverty in South Africa;

• analyse the nature and functioning of vulnerability in the labour market;

• explore the links between labour market participation and household poverty and inequality;

• investigate current social and labour market policies; and

• examine the implications of current anti-poverty policies and strategies.

An exciting aspect of this ground-breaking work is the proposals for the development of new and effective strategies to fight poverty in South Africa.


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12 August 2022


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