Substance use and abuse in South Africa: Insights from brain and behavioural sciences


George F.R. Ellis (ed)
University of Cape Town
Dan J. Stein (ed)
University of Cape Town
Kevin G.F. Thomas (ed)
University of Cape Town
Ernesta M. Meintjes (ed)
University of Cape Town


South Africa’s high levels of substance abuse represent one of the most pressing health problems afflicting the country. In particular, alcohol, stimulants such as tik (methamphetamine) and opiates such as heroin are devastating communities, aggravating poverty and crime, and contributing to child abuse and gender violence.

Substance Use and Abuse in South Africa emerges from research being conducted by members of the Brain-Behaviour Initiative (BBI) at the University of Cape Town. This innovative set of research projects links neuroscience and behavioural science to social issues, providing fresh perspectives on the health problems afflicting South Africa. This ground-breaking book examines the problem of substance abuse from multiple perspectives, including recent discoveries in brain and behavioural science, and also takes a public health view. Its focus ranges from brain imaging, which shows the effects of drug abuse on the brain, to the psychology of addiction, and on to policy and prevention. This is the first book to address the nature of this problem in an integrated way, written by local researchers at the cutting edge.


  • Substance use and abuse in South Africa
    Insights from brain and behavioural sciences


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8 April 2022


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