Youth Violence: Sources and solutions in South Africa


Catherine L. Ward (ed)
University of Cape Town
Amelia van der Merwe (ed)
University of Stellenbosch
Andrew Dawes (ed)
University of Cape Town


Youth Violence: Sources and solutions in South Africa thoroughly and carefully reviews the evidence for risk and protective factors that influence the likelihood of young people acting aggressively. Layers of understanding are built by looking at the problem from a multitude of perspectives, including developmental psychology and the influences of race, class and gender. The book explores effective interventions in the contexts of young people’s lives – their homes, their schools, their leisure activities, with gangs, in the criminal justice system, in cities and neighbourhoods, the media, with sexual offenders – and the broader socioeconomic context. Thoughtful suggestions are made for keeping an evidence-based perspective, and interventions from other contexts are (necessarily) adapted for developing world contexts such as South Africa. Youth Violence: Sources and Solutions in South Africa is a valuable source of information for practitioners, academics and anyone who has ever wondered about youth violence or wanted to do something about it.


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Cover image showing a youthful person's face.



29 March 2022


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